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Meta analogy

I love a good analogy. Well, actually I also enjoy over using analogies - even the bad ones. They are like scaffolding, sometimes ugly and usually temporary, but they can help give form and structure to what one is actually describing.

Scaffolding comes in many different forms and is used in different ways depending on the context. I'm constantly amazed at, what looks to me like crazy and dangerous, scaffolding one see's in places like rural Vietnam. Compared to the completely over engineered and custom built scaffolding here in the UK, they really know how to use the materials and budgets they have to get the job done.

Analogies are like scaffolding. Sometimes we need a quite, but effective way to support our story. Less often, but sometimes, we need to spend time and resource building an elaborate way to demonstrate and explain the point.

If our goal is to explain something simple and without many levels, then we may not need any analogy scaffolding. But if we want to explain (or even understand) a much more complex concept - then an analogy may be needed as much as scaffolding is when building a complex physical structure.

Ah sorry, I've managed to confirm my enjoyment of analogies by using an over the top analogy for analogies. Which is, in itself, analogous to many a #circularwondering...

Anyway, yes you are bound to be thinking: "what's his point?"

Well, basically I'm want to say that circular economy concepts are multifaceted and laden with hidden complexities. Thus, the role of digital and software in the circular economy is too.

...but I intend to explore some analogies to say that in different ways!

Maybe it will help understanding. Maybe it will just confuse us further. But I'll be having fun!

..more to come.

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Barry O'Kane

Barry is the founder of HappyPorch. With 20 years in the web development industry as a programmer and agency owner, he has a preternatural ability to decipher the systems and processes code that holds many teams back from achieving their goals. Partners say Barry gets to the root of issues quickly and makes it downright easy to deliver good work.    

While he's unbelievably grounded, it's not uncommon to find him sailing through the trees as he paraglides his way round the world.