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Software Engineering for the Circular Economy

Technology is vital to tackling major issues such as climate change, global social inequality and biodiversity loss.

If you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur working on solutions to these problems, we can help. Together we will accelerate your solutions and impact people’s lives, your business and the planet for the better

Circular Economy

If we are to successfully tackle major issues such as climate change, waste crises and biodiversity loss, the linear economy has to change. We must transform all elements of the take-make-waste system: how we manage resources, how we make and use products, and what we do with the materials afterwards.

Technology, created and implemented with care, is a vital enabler for this transformation.

Part of our mission is to help your organisation develop smart software solutions that advance the circular economy.

We're proud to be a B Corp

Certified B Corporations® are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. This means we are part of a community creating positive impact and bringing real, lasting change in the business world. We are truly proud of this certification, and it is also motivation to continue our search to be better.