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[The] team feels very much an extension of our business. They are invested in us and continually use their expertise to improve what we do and how we do it. Their integrity and straight forward approach to communication makes for a very strong business partnership.

David Gardner, Eighty Days Creative

Our Why

The work that we do should positively impact the world

Our ideal client is or supports social impact organisations that inspire us.

The causes we care deeply about include environmental conservation, global health, and education equality.

We create space to work on projects that add value to society.

Every one of us is encouraged to pick something that we care about and make a difference (volunteering for non-profits or contributing to open source projects). This can be hard to do, yet also amazing.

The company should improve the life we each choose to live


We are flexible, distributed and location independent.

We support continued learning, facilitate face-to-face connections at conferences and meetups and mandate minimum time away from the desk for everyone on the team.

Hard work and ambition are part of our culture, but not to the exclusion of all else.

Profitability ensures our work quality and values


We strive to provide outstanding value to our partners and clients, and be remunerated accordingly.

"Business without meaning is just pointless admin"