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Bespoke software development for organisations who are making the world a better place.

Like you, we are passionate about enabling a just transition to a truly regenerative circular economy. 

Whether you need a dedicated product development team, access to the best, value aligned software engineers or just some helpful advice - we are all about making your journey smoother and more successful. 

 If you are leading the way in circularity innovation, we’d love to talk.

We benefited hugely from having a technical partner whose mission was aligned with our own as it built trust and they have felt like an extension of our own team from the beginning. They have been a critical part of the Reath journey to date, and I hope they will continue to be for as long as possible.

Claire Rampen, Reath co-founder

Digital Product Development

Ongoing Development

Working with our Product Development Team is like having a group of savvy friends who are wizards at turning innovative ideas into awesome products. 

Partnering with you we solve real world problems, creating technology solutions that are right for your business, are loved by your users and do not compromise what really matters. 

We are not motivated by the latest tech buzz (you’d be surprised how often that drives software engineers!)  Rather we are focused on the impact of using the right technology in the right context.

We prioritise you and your goals. You can expect us to ask tough questions about your purpose, your plans and the vision for your digital product. We will then work with you to find the most impactful, cost and time efficient path to that vision. We want to support you through the tough times and be a catalyst that multiplies your success in the good times.

With our expertise in software engineering and a keen understanding of circularity, we partner with you to develop the perfect digital, web or mobile applications for your mission.

HappyPorch are a pleasure to work with. They helped us out with our new product from start to live and will continue to support us. It has felt like a partnership, I feel they truly understood our needs, are brilliant technically and great at managing expectations. I feel like we received true value from working with HappyPorch and I am very confident in our relationship moving forward.

Jan Harding, SKChase

Fractional Technology Expertise

Imagine having the wisdom and experience of a seasoned CTO or Senior Software Engineer, but on your terms - flexible and part-time. You get all the experience, expertise and deep passion for your mission without the stress. A strategic partnership that boosts your platform development, sharpens your resource management, and supercharges your product innovation. 

We combine deep technology and software engineering expertise with a nuanced understanding of the circular economy. This allows us to collaborate closely with you (and your team) to navigate and overcome the unique challenges faced by working towards a truly regenerative circular economy. 

Particularly beneficial for startups, our Fractional service can significantly lower your overheads while helping you build the capacity you need and accelerating your product’s success.

Working with HappyPorch was a delight. I’ve worked with many volunteer and professional developers on online campaigns on a big scale. I have never had a more professional, motivated and outcome oriented partner.

Tom, Save The Internet campaign


Feeling stuck or just have lots of questions?

Something getting in the way of your mission?  Facing a challenge, issue or opportunity related to your product management, software development or platform architecture?

If you need caring technology expertise to reach the next level -  whether you are just getting started or have reached a plateau -  we can help.