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Circular Economy

We can help your organisation develop smart software solutions that advance the circular economy.

If we are to successfully tackle major issues such as climate change, waste crises and biodiversity loss, the linear economy has to change. We must transform all elements of the take-make-waste system: how we manage resources, how we make and use products, and what we do with the materials afterwards.

Technology, created and implemented with care, is a vital enabler for this transformation.

If you are an entrepreneur or innovator working on circular economy projects, we can help. Together we will accelerate your solutions and impact people’s lives, your business and the planet for the better.

Case Study: Reath

Safe reuse of everyday items

Reath is a small, agile startup dedicated to addressing the problem of single use plastic waste through software that helps businesses adopt safe, compliant and scalable reuse systems.



Linear Software is not circular

Enabling circular innovation

Across the linear economy our software is optimised to maximise the one-way flow of materials. When we want to make that flow more circular, we may find that the software is completely blocking the necessary innovation and learning.

Digital in the Circular Economy

Fantastic conversations with Circular Economy innovators

In season 5 of the podcast, we explore the role that our industry plays in the Circular Economy. We hear from multiple experts and inspiring people actually working on solutions to our biggest global environmental and social challenges.  

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