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Jana Pialkova

Marketing and Finance Administrator

Hi, I'm Jana Pialkova, a versatile professional with a passion for sustainability and a knack for juggling multiple roles. As a Marketing and Finance Administrator, I wear many hats, from finance and marketing to handling administrative tasks. My diverse skill set allows me to support my team effectively and contribute to our success. In the world of finance, I help keep the numbers in check, ensuring smooth financial operations and resource management. When it comes to marketing, I bring creativity and strategy to the table, helping to promote our mission and connect with our audience.

But it doesn't stop there. My heart truly belongs to the planet, and I'm a staunch advocate for the circular economy. I believe that every little effort counts, and I'm dedicated to finding sustainable solutions in all aspects of our work.

Outside the office, you'll often find me exploring new corners of the world, immersing myself in a good book, and savouring the simple pleasures of life over a cup of coffee. I firmly believe that a well-rounded life leads to better creativity and productivity.
Let's work together towards a greener, more sustainable future. Feel free to reach out—I'm always up for a chat about sustainability, travel, or the latest book recommendations!