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Making Rewilding Our Business

In the modern world, businesses carry a profound responsibility, one that extends beyond profits and growth. Just like individuals, we are increasingly aware of the environmental impact we leave in our wake. At HappyPorch, we believe that embracing this responsibility is not just a choice, but an imperative. That's why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a remarkable charity dedicated to rejuvenating Scotland's natural landscapes in the face of the pressing climate and biodiversity crisis.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture champions rewilding as a powerful approach to restoring nature across Scotland. Rewilding involves the expansion and rejuvenation of native woodlands, wetlands, wildflower meadows, and grasslands. This strategic initiative is an effective means of capturing carbon and reintroducing wildlife to our landscapes, helping mitigate the dire consequences of climate change.

But rewilding goes beyond the ecological benefits; it touches the lives of people in profound ways too. By cleansing the air and purifying water sources, it enhances the quality of life for communities across Scotland. It also plays a pivotal role in reducing the risks of flooding and drought, creating spaces for outdoor learning and recreation that foster a deep connection with nature.

At HappyPorch, we are immensely proud to contribute an annual donation to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. This commitment allows us to actively participate in locking away carbon, boosting biodiversity, and adding value to our communities.

Learn more about SCOTLAND: The Big Picture.

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