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Team Satisfaction and Engagement

At HappyPorch, creating a supportive workplace where employees feel happy and can grow is our top priority. To better understand our team's feelings and experiences, we conducted our yearly survey to measure engagement and satisfaction.

The feedback we received is incredibly valuable, helping us improve employee well-being, job satisfaction, and professional growth. 

We're excited to share some key insights for our 2023 survey:

We are delighted to share that 100% of our Team has responded positively to the following questions:

  • Would you refer someone to work here?
  • Do you feel valued at work?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing opinions at work?
  • Does being part of the company allow you to improve your mental and physical well being?

As in previous years, the majority of responses indicate high levels of happiness, with most falling within the top two categories, 4 and 5:

The majority of team members expressed feeling challenged in their roles and affirmed that these challenges contribute to their personal growth:

We are proud of maintaining a highly flexible environment that ensures that all our team members enjoy a healthy work-life balance:


Considering working conditions, geographic locations, living wage standards, inflation rates, and any adjustments to our roles we aim to ensure everyone feels their pay is equitable:

The majority of team members believe they have access to all necessary resources to carry out their work effectively, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has the resources they need:

We're dedicated to ongoing improvement to ensure our employees always feel satisfied and happy in their work environment.

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About the author

Marina Matic

Marina enjoys assisting the Team with admin stuff and is very happy to work with such positive people and professionals and to learn from them! Besides that she loves to spend time in nature and travel around often!