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Our 2022 Carbon Footprint

As part of our climate commitment, we are happy to unveil our 2022 Carbon Footprint Report. For several years, HappyPorch has monitored carbon emissions,seeking the most accurate tracking methodologies, assumption figures, and data collection practices. This ongoing journey of learning and growth underscores our commitment to transparently share our progress. We recognise that understanding and mitigating our impact on the environment is a continuous process, and our report reflects our dedication to refining our practices.

A Deeper Dive into the 2022 Results:

Here is the breakdown of the total of our Team’s emissions for 2022 which is 23,082 kgCO2 (23.08 tonnes CO2) or 1,85 tonnes CO2 per Team member:

  • Our offsite electricity emissions accounted for 466 kgCO2, primarily from the electricity usage during two in-person meetups we had in 2022 – one in spring in Seaton Carew, UK, and the second one in autumn in Prague, Czech Republic. These meetups marked our return to in-person gatherings after the Covid-19 pandemic during which we did not have offsite and travel emissions.
  • The collective home energy usage of our globally distributed team totaled 4,206 kgCO2. This aspect shows diverse energy providers and consumption habits across different countries. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our physical workspace, emphasising responsible energy practices even when working remotely. We noted that this result has been similar compared to previous years even though we now have a larger Team which we conclude as an improvement on accurate assumptions. 
  • Our travel emissions for 2022 totaled 9,318 kgCO2, reflecting a shift in our approach and habits in travelling. While these emissions were higher than those of 2020 and 2021 due to reduced travel during the pandemic, they were significantly lower than the levels observed in 2018 and 2019. This improvement can be attributed to our conscious adoption of "slow" travel, favouring land and train journeys over air travel, contributing to a more sustainable footprint.
  • Our operations which include procurement and usage of devices we need for our work but also our businesses' online storages and data usages, website page views etc. total up to 9,093 kgCO2. In 2022, we began monitoring more of and a wider range of our “digital” emissions that were previously unaccounted for. This resulted in a higher number, and reflects our ongoing process of trying to be more accurate.


Our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in 2022:

  • Scope 1 are direct emissions from sources owned or controlled by HappyPorch and like previous years remains at zero, reflecting our lack of direct energy sources.
  • Scope 2, totaling 9,558 kgCO2, are our indirect emissions from electricity and energy purchased by HappyPorch and include our offsite electricity usage and operations emissions for 2022.
  • Scope 3, our other indirect emissions stood at 13,524 kgCO2 for 2022, reflecting home energy used for work in our globally distributed team, business travel, and commuting.

We will continue to work on reducing our Scope 3 emissions and enhance it’s environmental impact by remote work efficiency, sustainable commuting, smart business travel and by evolving procurement practices.


Our Offsetting Initiatives:

Although our first priority is exploring ways to reduce our energy use and carbon footprint, we acknowledge that this is a long journey for us. We therefore see thoughtful offsetting as an important contribution to our goals.

To offset our total emissions for 2022 we will continue our commitment to investing in impactful offsetting initiatives. This includes exploring for most effective carbon offsetting results and invest in carbon syncing but also continuing with our regular contributions to Trees for Life where we will add more trees to our HappyPorch Grove and to My Square Metre where we have also offsetted part of our 2020-2021 carbon footprint by planting 25,000 wildflowers on a 50 square metre meadow.

Fun fact:The wildflowers start sequestering carbon within the first year of planting, and provide food and a habitat for wildlife including pollinators. Just a square metre of meadowland can be home to up to 500 wildflowers, provide food for life for 12 bees, and takes 3 kg of carbon out of the atmosphere!

As we continue ahead, we will strive to remain dedicated to creating a future where our environmental impact pales in comparison to our positive contributions!

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