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Diversity & Equality at HappyPorch in 2024

At HappyPorch, diversity and inclusivity are core values that enrich our workplace culture. To ensure we're encouraging an environment where every team member feels valued and respected we conduct a regular annual Diversity and Equality Survey.

Our Team consists of 13 members and this year we received 11 responses.

Here are the results:

Different age groups reflect a diverse range of experience levels and perspectives contributing to the dynamic nature of our workplace. The majority of our team members fall within the 35-44 age category:

Our Team members identify with the following genders:

We want to make sure we are aware of any conditions such as visual or hearing impairments, physical disabilities, cognitive or learning disabilities and mental health conditions our Team members might have. There were no requirements about adjustments put in place in order to remove barriers to success:

The Ethnic origin of our employees are: 

The following image shows the responses related to our Team members’ sexual orientation:

Regarding Religion/Beliefs most of the Team members are in the "No religion" and "Christian" category:

The following charts show responses about the Education of our employees and their parents/guardians:

We also inquired about the type of work the main income earner engaged in when our team members were 14 years old. These insights provide context into the socioeconomic backgrounds of our team and inform our approach to supporting individuals with diverse experiences:

Insights on caregiving enable us to tailor support programs and policies to better accommodate the diverse needs of our workforce:

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About the author

Marina Matic

Marina enjoys assisting the Team with admin stuff and is very happy to work with such positive people and professionals and to learn from them! Besides that she loves to spend time in nature and travel around often!