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Circular EV batteries?

Recent article on BBC highlighted one of the major issues that must be overcome as we electrify transport: What will happen to all the dead batteries?

The demand for EV batteries is expanding fast and is about explode. There is a huge issue with the sourcing and supply chain of the materials needed and a major problem used batteries.

So basically, the classic linear thinking problems.

The positive take from the BBC article is that there is some movement to find scalable recycling solutions and mention of a possible reuse option.

One of the key benefits of this mindset is also addressed:

"You've got the waste management problem on the one hand, but then on the flip side of that you've also got a great opportunity because obviously the UK doesn't have indigenous supplies of many factory materials".

"From a manufacturer's point of view, therefore, recycling old batteries is the safest way to ensure a ready supply of new ones" [1].

I was sorry that the article didn't explore if any fully circular thinking is underway. For example, what work is underway in the design of batteries to make recycling (or reuse) easier & safer?