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Circular Wonderings is an exploration of the role of digital, software and technology in the Circular Economy. Exploration is the key word here. I write regularly, reflecting on my current thoughts and research. Expect typos, incomplete thoughts, varied rambling topics and (hopefully) a journey towards clearer understanding and insight. Subscribe here to join my journey.

Category hypothesis: research into 3rd sector circularity (part 5)

For today's little step on my mini-research project, I matched the Google search results back to the Charity data.

From the 241 domains searched I was able to match 226 charity records. The difference highlights a flaw in my current process, which is useful to discover too.

The data includes information about the charity's area of operations and finances. Potentially of more relevance is their selected "Purpose". There are predefined, very generic charitable purposes and the data includes one or more purposes for each charity. I wondered if these could be used as one way to categorise them.

Here is what I found:

Charitable Purpose Count %
The advancement of animal welfare 3 1%
The advancement of citizenship or community development 110 49%
The advancement of education 147 65%
The advancement of environmental protection or improvement 90 40%
The advancement of health 49 22%
The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation 12 5%
The advancement of public participation in sport 12 5%
The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science 62 27%
The prevention or relief of poverty 43 19%
The promotion of equality and diversity 18 8%
The promotion of religious or racial harmony 7 3%
The provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended 16 7%
The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage 42 19%
The saving of lives 1 0%
Any other purpose that may reasonably be regarded as analogous to any of the preceding purposes 16 7%

Not yet sure what conclusions can be reached from this, if any. It is not surprising to see that charities with Education and Environment purposes use the term Circular Economy. I find it interesting that community development is also high.