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Circular Economy

Excess Materials Exchange: Taking Inspiration From Nature To Give “Waste” New Life

Behind the scenes at businesses large and small, a paradigm shift is quietly taking place. The very concept of waste is being redefined, with materials of all kinds being given new life, in turn saving carbon emissions, preserving natural resources and boosting companies’ bottom lines. It’s all thanks to circular economy pioneers like Maayke Damen, cofounder of the Excess Mater ...

Circularise: Sustainability Through Supply Chain Transparency

Driven by the dovetailing demands of conscious consumers, tighter regulations and internal sustainability goals, companies of all kinds are striving to make their supply chains more transparent.  Transparency is a noble goal, but there are significant business risks to sharing private data. Companies are understandably reluctant to share their secrets with third parties. As a r ... logo

Dsposal Is Changing How We See Waste

What happens when you throw something in the recycling bin? The fact that we don’t know, and that there’s no way to find out, renders it an act of blind faith. But what if you knew, for example, how much aluminium was collected from your street in a given week, and that six weeks later that aluminium had been used to make drinks cans in Germany? You’d also know that you’d colle ...

Lieke van Kerkhoven, co-founder of Floow2

Implementing Circular Practices: It All Starts With Mindset

For the second podcast in our podcast series exploring the role of tech in driving forward the circular economy, we chatted to Lieke van Kerkhoven. Lieke is co-founder of Floow2, a dynamic asset-sharing marketplace built around the principles of circularity. The user-friendly platform lets companies and organisations of all types and sizes share equipment, services, facilities ...

Photo of Catherine Weetman

Ways Technology is Facilitating the Shift to a Circular Economy

The circular economy holds vast potential for businesses, helping them to add value, save money, connect with customers and stand out from the competition. For our first podcast in a new series exploring the role of technology in this new way of doing things, we chatted to Catherine Weetman, author of the award-winning book, A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply C ...