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In a recent article on Rethink Global [1], Catherine asks some really important questions about what it means to be circular, and the circular washing and unintended consequences we must face.

Here's one quote which, IMHO, cuts to the root of the issue: "...most business models in our linear economy focus on growing revenue: by selling more products, making things cheaper..."

Go read the article.



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Barry O'Kane

Barry is the founder of HappyPorch. With 20 years in the web development industry as a programmer and agency owner, he has a preternatural ability to decipher the systems and processes code that holds many teams back from achieving their goals. Partners say Barry gets to the root of issues quickly and makes it downright easy to deliver good work.    

While he's unbelievably grounded, it's not uncommon to find him sailing through the trees as he paraglides his way round the world.