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Recycling is a problem


Not necessarily. I was reminded of this again today.

As we know from the waste hierarchy [1], recycling is pretty far down our list of priorities for circularity.

One of the unintended consequences could be that we miss out on the higher value loops - such as reuse.

Plus there is the terrible fact that much waste collected as "recycling" is not recycled - due to contamination, for example.

So, if recycling becomes too much of a success - it can be a problem!

Having said all of that, Scrapp [2] is a cool Edinburgh startup attempting to make recycling easier. Their app allows scanning packaging bar codes to tell you if the item is recyclable. And they have a rewards system, which tells you how much you have saved with recycling.

They are doing their best to solve a problem that I wish didn't exist!

So, another app idea worth watching...