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There are time when the human brain does some impressive mental gymnastics to avoid fear.

Fear is a powerfully useful evolutionary trait.

I know folks who worry about visiting Australia due to fear of spiders. Those same people will happily cross busy roads, dodging multi tonne lumps of metal moving at deadly speeds.

The number of deaths from spider bites in Australia since 1979?


The number of road deaths over the same time period?

Errr.. my quick research found **77,835** ... and that is only to 2019.

But that doesn't change people's fear. Scary creatures are the fear evolution understands.

So, here is my question for today: if we are comfortable with killing so many people in order to get around quickly, yet are terrified of an easily avoidable risk. Then how can we ever get our (terribly impressive) brains to understand bigger, less clear challenges?