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Circular Wonderings is an exploration of the role of digital, software and technology in the Circular Economy. Exploration is the key word here. I write regularly, reflecting on my current thoughts and research. Expect typos, incomplete thoughts, varied rambling topics and (hopefully) a journey towards clearer understanding and insight. Subscribe here to join my journey.


Today I had the real pleasure of recording an episode of HappyPorchRadio with, Julia Venn. Julia is the co-founder of Foodwise. (Conversation will be published in 2 weeks).

"FoodWise organises and optimises redistribution flows of excess food. FoodWise connects food donors, food transporters and food receivers using existing resources, all of that within a legal framework protecting all the actors." [1]

The current season of the podcast is focused on the Circular Economy in Africa. And today's conversation highlighted two really important things:

First, for this season it is a bit daft to say we are going to cover "the Circular Economy in Africa" with just a few conversations. Africa is an incredibly rich, varied and massive(!) continent. I have a fear of being viewed as yet another privileged white European. So, it was great that part of today's conversation was about how different the countries Foodwise work in is.

And, yes, food waste from supermarkets and high end hotels is a thing in these countries.

Secondly, Foodwise have, at the core of their approach, the aim to redistribute excess food without extra costs or carbon. That means they work with the existing (mostly linear) supply chain. For example: suppliers driving trucks between multiple hotels to deliver stuff are very happy to transport excess food away from the hotels too.

Difficult problems are solvable - and we all need more people like Julia.