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Code doesn't matter


Here is a scary thing: as software developers the code we write does not matter.

The years of toil to master our craft, the pleasure we take in beautiful code and our pride in elegant solutions. These are all irrelevant.

I mean, they are also vital. But on their own they are worse than useless.

A plumber ensures I have hot and cold running water in my house. She knows, in incredible detail, the best equipment to use. She understands the complexities of getting the right amount of water to the correct places. She has mastered the skills and tools to be able to change the physical world so that I can have a shower. That is amazing.

But for me its all irrelevant.

Or rather, it's table stakes. It is the minimum needed for me to even consider her a 'plumber'.

To me a 'bad' plumber is one who doesn't care enough to spend time understanding that I care about more than just water for my shower.

That 'bad' plumber might be just as skilled at joining complex piping around the house. They would be able to talk expertly (even passionately) about the best tools to use. They might even be able to explain why mastering those skills and those tools are vital to me enjoying the luxury of a hot shower.

But to me they are still a 'bad' plumber.

That means it is possible to be 'bad' developer, regardless of how much coding skill, talent or experience I have.