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Climate change & Circular Economy?

Does the Circular Economy help with climate change?

The answer is: yes, in lots of ways! Circular Economy approaches are vital to tackling climate change.

This Ellen MacArthur foundation video [1] is an excellent, short summary of the key points.

They (EMF) estimate that 55% of carbon emissions come from the production of energy - which means that to tackle the other 45% we need more than renewable energy.

"It helps address the 45% of emissions that come from how we make and use products and food. A circular economy that is fuelled by renewable energy is a thriving, zero-emissions economy."

Similar information comes from many other sources too:

The UNEP says "the extraction and processing of materials, fuels and food make up about half of total global greenhouse gas emissions … and more than 90 % of biodiversity loss and water stress" [2].

The UK Committee on Climate Change[4] 2020 progress report proposing CE as one of five clear investment priorities.

And Research like this [3] shows that Circular Economy practices in the largest carbon emitting industries can take EU industry halfway towards net zero.

So yes, just like renewable energy, the Circular Economy is vital to tackle climate change.