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Circular Wonderings is an exploration of the role of digital, software and technology in the Circular Economy. Exploration is the key word here. I write regularly, reflecting on my current thoughts and research. Expect typos, incomplete thoughts, varied rambling topics and (hopefully) a journey towards clearer understanding and insight. Subscribe here to join my journey.

Category hypothesis: research into 3rd sector circularity (part 3)

Going back to my original list of just under 4000 Scottish charity websites [1], I used a Google search API service to run individual searches for each site.

This is the equivalent of typing "circular economy" into Google for every domain on the list.

With a little Python code to both run these queries and filter the results, results in a very different picture. Previously, on the Google Programmable search I was seeing single figure websites with the term "circular economy".

With this method I have 241 (out of 3987) sites using the term and a total of 1125 pages.

This feels much more like what I had expected. So, the next step is to see if this list of 241 could fit into the categories identified in the hypothesis.