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Circular as Digital Transformation?

A reader very kindly responded to my question about Digital Transformation vs Circular Economy [1].

He said "...what we call Digital Transformation is actually a much broader transformation that is induced/forced/triggered by the technological/digital change ... the technology is the catalyst for a much broader organisational rethinking of process and work method".

This fits with my experience. Usually we can't simply swop one technology for another or just plug in digital to replace offline processes. A change in technology requires process change. It changes the way people work. This brings challenges alongside opportunity.

Many Circular Economy projects do fit into this definition of Digital Transformation.

Though it depends on the starting point.

For example, Circular Transition of a very linear business is much more than a change in process. It may involve a fundamental change in business model.

In this case the transformation is changing the 'what' as well as the 'how'.

The technology is a catalyst for much wider organisational change in Digital Transformation. The opportunity in, or need for, technology change is the driver for wider change.

In Circular Transformation the technology is not the cause of change, it is an enabler.