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Team Satisfaction and Engagement

“Employee engagement is the art and science of engaging people in authentic and recognised connections to strategy, roles, performance, organisation, community, relationship, customers, development, energy and happiness to leverage, sustain and transform work into results.”

— David Zinger

As HappyPorch is a remote company with people from all around the world we constantly work on improving our engagement within the Team that we hope will result with our Team members’ satisfaction.

So, once again we have completed our regular Engagement & Satisfaction survey. We received responses from the whole Team which is 13 people and here are the insights into how our Team members are feeling currently about some aspects of working life:


We are proud and happy to share that 100% of our Team has responded positively to the following questions:

  • Would you refer someone to work here?
  • Do you feel valued at work?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing opinions at work?


We will definitely continue to improve and find ways for all our Team members to be happy. Similar to previous years most of the responses are in the highest happiness quotes 4 and 5:


Most of the Team members say they feel challenged at work and confirmed that it results in their personal growth:


HappyPorch is a very flexible environment and we tend that all our Team members have a good work-life balance. We will continue to listen to needs of our Team members and improve in this area also:


With our annual salary reviews based on our working arrangement, locations, living wage factors, the inflation and potential changes in our roles, we strive to make everyone feel that their salary is fair and will continue to do so:


Most of the Team members confirmed that by being a part of the company allows them to improve their mental and physical well-being:

Most of the Team members feel that they have all needed resources in order to do their work and we will work on providing all needed resources to everyone:

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About the author

Marina Matic

Marina enjoys assisting the Team with admin stuff and is very happy to work with such positive people and professionals and to learn from them! Besides that she loves to spend time in nature and travel around often!