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Senior Developer Ondřej Piálek – Is Bringing On the Value

The handsome portrait above is not from our in-house graphic designer (because we don’t have one). Or a professional artist.

This, ladies and gentlemen, this is a self-portrait of one of Endzone Software’s very own senior developers… Ondřej Piálek.

In addition to his innate ability to capture his own essence using a free Google app, Ondřej is a highly skilled developer (with the education, work history, and portfolio to prove it), and a known carrier of the travel and entrepreneurial bugs (genes… viruses… diseases… you choose how to classify these traits).

When asked what Ondřej likes about working at a small web development agency, he certainly could cite the location independence aspect. After all, at one point Ondřej was moving every 1-2 months.

But Ondřej admits that travel isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be…​

Too much of it doesn’t help with creating a productive routine.

And after a while, you get tired of the 'where are you from, where have you been, where are you going' conversations that travelers repeatedly engage in.


(here’s Ondřej “surfing”)


When it comes to work and travel, Ondřej explains:

This job isn’t about the ability to travel, but rather the flexibility to do whatever you want. You can be traveling, but if you don’t want to travel you can stay at home. Location independent doesn’t mean you have to travel all the time.

So if travel is just a perk, then what does Ondřej really care about?

meaningful work makes Ondřej a happy developer


Ondřej wants to help build something from the ground up, to have something of his own, and, most of all, he wants to have an impact.

Which means it’s a good thing Endzone Software found him!

At Endzone, everybody on the team has a voice in decisions made, the direction taken, and projects chosen–giving Ondřej more involvement and impact on the business (making things way more exciting) than previous jobs. 

The remote aspect of our team means everyone relies on systems and operations in order to be successful. Lucky for us, the entrepreneurial side of Ondřej is always looking for ways to improve our operations, deliver more efficiently, and free up time for other projects.

Most important, everything Ondřej does contributes to more opportunities to work on his favourite type of work–social impact projects (through Happy Porch, the social value side of Endzone Software).

For example, lately Ondřej has been working tirelessly on Collegium Telemedicus, a system that allows medical professionals to establish telemedicine networks, helping to provide people in remote locations with medical help they may otherwise not have had access to.

This project (among others) is the type of impactful and lasting work that makes Ondřej especially proud.

Here's how Ondřej describes creating an impact through our work:

I really like the idea of bringing in social work… Even in this small company, we can really have a measurable impact. You can do much more than you could as a single person. Working with people aligned with you is a must if you want to achieve something good.

About the future, the projects we work on and the impact he'd like us to have as a team, Ondřej said:

I don’t measure success based on money, I’m measuring it based on the value that we deliver.

You can hear it in his voice when you talk to Ondřej, he's going to create and do a lot of amazing things in the coming years. We're excited to be part of the ride! 

How about you? What aspects of your agency job make it so fulfilling? Click below to share with a Tweet!

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