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Over Budget and Behind Schedule. Now What?

Does this sound familiar?

You've got a great idea for a project. You've thought it all through. You're ready to make your concept real and start changing people's lives for the better. So you hire a company to get it up and running. You're promised an on time, below budget roll-out. Things are going great…until they're not. What started as an exciting project is suddenly behind schedule and over budget.

What do you do now? We see it over and over again. People can be dazzled with techy jargon, but something gets lost in translation.

A project can start with high hopes and tons of enthusiasm and before you know it, the project is an unfinished, expensive mess. It's easy to see how people with big ideas end up mistrustful and frustrated, overwhelmed when a company they've hired fails to deliver.

Let's face it: when you've had a poor experience with a previous development project, it's a lot harder to trust the next guy. But it's essential to move past feeling overwhelmed in order to make your vision a reality. Your project is important. You've invested a lot of time, money, and energy. People's lives will be changed for the better by your work. There is a way to fix this.

First, stop. Yes, stop. Sure, you're already behind schedule but unless you pause to reassess, the problem only gets bigger. Determine what's left in your budget. Review your goals again. Identify the main objectives and biggest obstacles you're facing. (This won't be easy. And you may even discover that things are worse than you thought.)

Next, look for a company that actually cares about the objective of the project. Shop around until you find a company that shares your objectives. Be choosy. Find a team who listens closely, demonstrates a clear understanding of the position you’re in, and shares your vision for social good.

Once you've found a team you trust, set goals and milestones. A good developer will ask lots of questions about your needs, your budget, and your vision. Work with them to determine and agree upon a clearly articulated, realistic timeline. Having access to an early version of the project gives your team the opportunity to make improvements along the way, decreasing the time it takes to complete it and getting closer to your vision for the finished product.

Most importantly, don’t get discouraged. Keep your focus on your objective and all the people whose lives you will improve once your project is up and running.

You had a solid vision for positive social impact when you came up with the idea for your cause-based business. You knew that your work could truly change lives. Setbacks are frustrating, but finding and working with the right developer means that your ideas can be put into action and begin changing the world.

At HappyPorch, we share your vision that the right ideas can have a measurably positive impact on real people's lives. It's important to us that we work with companies who genuinely want to make the world a better place.

Let's work together for real social good. Get in touch and let's bring your project to life!

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About the author

Barry O'Kane

Barry is the founder of HappyPorch. With 20 years in the web development industry as a programmer and agency owner, he has a preternatural ability to decipher the systems and processes code that holds many teams back from achieving their goals. Partners say Barry gets to the root of issues quickly and makes it downright easy to deliver good work.    

While he's unbelievably grounded, it's not uncommon to find him sailing through the trees as he paraglides his way round the world.