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Celebrating our rebrand

After a year of planning and living the actions we finally transformed from Ltd to HappyPorch. This better reflects our current identity and where we want to go in the future. We changed the company name,logo and launched this new website. If interested where this new, happy name came from, here is an article about it. 

We felt the need to share the beauty of change and our new life phase so the first thing we wanted to do is proudly share the news with our clients and accompany that with an ethical gift they can use and keep as a memory. 

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give…”  - Winston Churchil.

With no experience of branding gifts, except the stickers we used to print, we started by searching for something that our clients could use in their offices, while still meeting our ethical goals. 

We had different ideas such as branded bluetooth speakers. We agreed not everyone needs those. We found a growing plant with an option to use a “let’s grow together” message and our new logo somewhere. We agreed that not all plants could live long in an office and would need special care. We kept returning to ideas around food but mugs are boring and don’t necessarily fit our values and food doesn’t long. Eventually, we found some wonderful wooden handmade bowls that could be personalised on Etsy. 

Already imagining how the final idea would come out and becoming excited about it, we reached out to a few sellers asking for possibilities and chose a maker with beautiful handmade bowls. It was an independent Etsy seller named LJBwoodturningShop , based in the UK which was great for us as our clients (and half the team) are based in the UK too. The maker also agreed to engrave our logo inside the bowls. The kind seller tried everything to meet our expectations - starting by branding on different pieces of wood so we could see various options. Unfortunately, the logo came out a little blurry, possibly because the seller did not have a commercial engraver. It turned out it was not so easy! 

Anyway, we wanted those very bowls, we really appreciated the seller’s effort and time and so ordered them without the engraving. We had the bowls engraved locally in Edinburgh at E’tched, a commercial engraver able to laser cut our logo exactly how we wanted it, with all the needed tools. 

We also gave our clients new stickers bearing our new logo. We worked hard to source these too! Our first attempt through a printing cooperative didn't meet our quality standards. However, we're happy with the results from a company who printed our new HappyPorch stickers from compostable paper.

Because we like food and Scottish stuff, our clients based in Edinburgh also got some shortbread, made by Simone. 

The time consumption of this little project was worth it - everyone liked the gift and got all happy about it.


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About the author

Marina Matic

Marina enjoys assisting the Team with admin stuff and is very happy to work with such positive people and professionals and to learn from them! Besides that she loves to spend time in nature and travel around often!