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Big Picture Scotland

This summer I spent 2 weeks cycling and camping across the Hebrides. We took our time (and 4 ferries and 6 causeways) to cycle across all 10 islands. As you would expect for Scotland (...ahem...), the sun was beating down from perfectly blue skies and it never rained. (Usually, when I describe Scotland that sentence would be sarcastic, bizarrely it is 100% true this time).

As well as an excellent recharge for the soul, the trip reminded me (once again) of why our work at HappyPorch is so important. 

Climate change, the global waste crises and the cataclysmic rate of biodiversity loss all threaten to take away these opportunities for future generations to enjoy our world.

The Circular Economy (applied in a regenerative paradigm) offers the potential to be part of a positive alternative. One where our economy is not based on short term extraction for one dimensional personal gain. Where we acknowledge and tackle the consequences of our businesses. Where we move past greenwashing and ignoring the problems. Where we embrace the potential.

Rewilding offers another vital part of that vision. Where a rich tapestry of native woodlands, wetlands, wildflower meadows and grasslands is stitched back together, and where nature-based enterprises support thriving communities.

So, it is with much pleasure and pride that we announce our support for Scotland, The Big Picture.

“Rewilding seeks to return abundance and diversity of life to Scotland’s land and seas, so that wildlife flourishes and people thrive. SCOTLAND: The Big Picture works in a spirit of collaboration with a diverse range of people to make rewilding happen, at many different levels, across Scotland.”

Like us, they are not stuck on doom and gloom, but are working towards an inspirational vision of the future.

It is exciting to be doing our small bit to support Scotland, The Big Picture.

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About the author

Barry O'Kane

Barry is the founder of HappyPorch. With 20 years in the web development industry as a programmer and agency owner, he has a preternatural ability to decipher the systems and processes code that holds many teams back from achieving their goals. Partners say Barry gets to the root of issues quickly and makes it downright easy to deliver good work.    

While he's unbelievably grounded, it's not uncommon to find him sailing through the trees as he paraglides his way round the world.