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Why web design agencies need to create gardens

Web design and development is still a young discipline. I know, shocking statement of the day. Of course our industry is changing at a blindingly fast pace, and we’ve squeezed more into the last couple of decades that many industries have in centuries....


Endzone Communication 101: How We Achieve Optimal Communications While Reducing Emails and Phone Calls

There’s a lot of talk out there about laying on the value with your work.

And why not?

It’s important that you constantly demonstrate and increase the value you bring as an agency.


5 Key Features of a Reliable Agency Communication System

Did you know there are over 200 Chinese dialects?

Some of them are similar with only a slight variation in pronunciation. Others are radically different and sound like completely unique languages. But why are there so many dialects and with such variance?

Get More Specific: avoid the slippery slope of generic support services

As a web dev agency, your goal is to provide your clients with long-lasting success, that means providing constant maintenance is necessary. Nobody said it was easy, though. On one end, it costs the client extra money, and on your end it requires a lot of time and effort. On top of that, the value of constant maintenance is hard to quantify. Predicting what’s going to need your attention is like trying to predict the winning lotto numbers: you certainly know what the numbers could be, but there’s no way to tell in which order they’ll fall or in which combination.

5 Tips on Hiring a Technical Agency Partner

No matter what you believed before January, this year has already taught us even “universal truths” deserve some careful consideration. This includes evaluating the strategies you’re using to design relevant experiences, deliver on promises and create a difference.

How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Web Agency’s Retainer Services – Even If They Just Break Even

These were the words that came over the intercom during a “safe” simulation of NASA’s upcoming Apollo 1 mission in 1967.

The fire, though only 25 seconds long, reached 1,000 degrees in some areas. But it wasn’t the heat that got to the three crew members on board… the fire burned through the pure oxygen within the spacecraft module, leaving the crew with nothing to breathe.

Never Worry About Rollover Support Retainer Hours Again

Optimising your workflow–aka schedule–will create truly high value (and high earning) support services.

It’s optimal to cover maintenance in a way that reduces reactive work and shift as much time as possible to proactive support (this is covered in more detail in this episode of our podcast).

How to Structure and Optimise Support Retainers that Don’t Drive Your Agency Mad

Corny tech support joke:

After being on the phone forever with a client who had been having difficulties with their CMS, a junior developer turned in his report:

'PEBKAC - Problem exists between keyboard and chair.'

Such a common line that we’ve all heard before… funny, but sadly it can be so true!

7 Reasons You’re Not Winning Your Endgame – Trying to Compete with Full-service

Did you read this morning's stunning headline that Mo Farah, Kenenisa Bekele, Stanley Biwott, Chris Thompson, Charlotte Purdue, Mare Dibaba, Desiree Linden, and Caroline Rotich have all decided to compete in the decathlon from now on?


7 Reasons You’re Not Winning Your Endgame – And How to Overcome Them

At age eight Jana Novotna first picked up a tennis racket. By 14, she had fully committed to the game and within a few more years had centred on her endgame - to win a Grand Slam title. Over the next decade she earned her way into the top ranks through a combination of hard work, gritty determination and a distinctly uncommon style of play.

7 Reasons You’re Not Winning Your Endgame – Paying Lip Service to Long-Term Goals

Though he’s not honoured in Cooperstown, Gene Mauch has a tremendous legacy in baseball. Credited as one of the first managers to approach his role more as a tactician and use analytics to make tailored adjustments against certain teams and players, Mauch was equally known for his big mouth and fiery temper.

7 Reasons You’re Not Winning Your Endgame – Perfectionist Complex

In 1994 Michael Jordan made the ultimate career pivot that, in the decades since, resulted in tomes of pundit analysis, speculation, criticism, and sheer awe. That a basketball great like Jordan, in fact a legend already at the time, would test his hand at playing pro in a second sport, was surely a testament to his ability to embrace and learn from failure.

7 Reasons You’re Not Winning Your Endgame – Wrong Growth Focus

Remember some months ago when Gianni Infantino set forth the ingenious idea that the World Cup would be even better if the tourney were to beef up to a mighty 48 qualifying teams? As the council voted, approving the expansion, fans and FIFA members alike joined together in a spirited chorus of…

7 Reasons You’re Not Winning Your Endgame – Bad Client Relationships

Manchester City fans may well remember the on-pitch brawl between Mario Balotelli and Roberto Mancini in January 2013 as the public beginning of the famed coach’s undoing. It wasn’t especially surprising that Balotelli was let go within a few weeks, as his antics were already notorious, and it was Mancini himself who’d given the striker a chance to redeem himself at Man City.

7 Reasons You’re Not Winning Your Endgame – No Creative Process

Some people say Cus D’Amato was clairvoyant. Arguably one of the world’s greatest boxing trainers of all time, he helped make Floyd Patterson legendary and turned unruly ruffian Mike Tyson into a disciplined (at least in the ring) fighting machine. In a sport known for antiquated, unfounded traditions, Cus studied and developed exacting training regimen for his fighters. There was no shortcutting, no quick-fix trickery.

The 2 Levels of Ongoing Communication You Need to Master

Have you ever realised just how complex language and communication is?

Take Japanese. Depending on multiple factors, you would use formal, informal, or honourific grammar in your speech. But for a Japanese language learner, remembering how and then knowing when to use each level of grammar can be a nightmare.

How to Create a Communications Hub with Slack + Extras describes a hub as ‘a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate.’

Think about that for a moment in the context of your agency’s ongoing communication. Is there a place where your agency’s communication revolves around? Or do you have emails, phone calls, support tickets, task updates, hand written memos and more just floating around without unity or connection?

How We Use Trello to Get on With Work - Agency Task Management

If your childhood was anything like mine, then you can probably remember at least one annoying kid in school who was just so full of it. She’d go on and on about how great she was at this or at that, and about how she had every cool toy in the world…

How to Use Google Drive For Agency Reports

We’ve covered the tools used on the work side of ongoing communication. Now to complete the communication process with the final step.

In a digital agency, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing one-off projects, following growth driven design concepts, working on long-term retainer agreements, or have your own unique service offer. At some point you’re likely to report on your activity and results.

The Tools We Use For Our Agency Communication System

Remember the first time you played checkers? You probably fumbled around for a king as the kid who taught you to play cleaned up the board. That’s what happens when you don’t know anything. But as you played more and you learned what works, you eventually created your own strategy to win more often. It’s not just experience, but strategy that makes the difference.

Our Ongoing Communication Workflow (As A Tech Led Agency)

We’ve covered our communication mindset and strategy as well as the tools we use to facilitate our communication system.

Last thing to do is dive into our workflow to see how it all fits together.

Like we’ve said, Endzone Software provides dev support and maintenance to creative agencies and their clients. 

This Seemingly Dull Concept Will Make You Want To Overhaul Your Agency’s Communication System

Remember these two love birds?  ------------->>>>

Young Romeo and Juliet sure got off to a rough start with the whole family feud thing, but luckily they turned the situation around with their honesty and trust and lived happily every after.

Only it didn’t quite happen that way. They did build a relationship on a rocky platform of passion, but it ended for the same reason many real life relationships end (hint: not because of a family feud)