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Enterprise-level support for uSplit

uSplit was designed to remove the majority of hurdles in the road to A/B testing that stop most organizations from running them. That is only in regards to the tests themselves, though. What it doesn’t eliminate are some the functional and organizational challenges that are presented when you need to run large-scale tests and maintain them. Having this powerful and free tool is awesome, but having someone that has got your back when things go wrong or when you don’t feel like spending the resources on setting it all up never hurts.

If A/B testing is integral to your services, and you need help running clients websites and maintaining a stable and fruitful testing solution, then you might need some extra help. Endzone Software provides commercial support for demanding clients such as digital agencies and those with mission-critical sites. Our service packages include:

  • Onboarding and training- uSplit still requires setup, and that means you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing to get the software up and running and integrated with GA. We will help you install and configure uSplit on your sites. Our experts help your people learn to use the tool so you don’t need outside help down the road, keeping the process streamlined and within your own company.
  • Full support- if you need help with  anything, we provide full support via email and telephone. SLA’s are guaranteed and you will always receive a response within one business day. We fix any issues that you may encounter and help you prioritize the features that are integral to your services. You may even influence which features are developed next!

We offer different support packages depending on whether or not you’re managing a few sites or managing many critical sites for a range of customers and want to protect their assets and you reputation. Regardless of whether you require enterprise-level support or not, you’ll always have access to the community, and issue tracking and source code.

A/B testing your client’s websites is essential if you want to fully optimize them and make sure that they are converting as many visitors into customers as possible. The problem is that getting the most out of your tests requires using tools that don’t really gel with Umbraco that well, and create a lot of headaches for you, your visitors, and for search engines. uSplit effectively eliminates the barriers standing between you and a headache-free, fruitful testing experience. After downloading and setting it up, you’ll be using a FREE tool that makes your testing easier, saves you time, offers a better experience to your customers, and makes sure you are following SEO best practices.


Download uSplit here