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Familiar controls

uSplit is built natively for Umbraco and makes running experiments intuitive and easy to pick up. It uses familiar editors and controls to create your content variations and no special site structure is necessary.

Unlimited changes

Experiment information is available inside your templates and back-end code, allowing you to tweak the most intricate inner workings of your site, or to provide dramatically different layouts for your pages under test. Having experiments run serverside means no redirects and hence faster, less intrusive user experience.

Google analytics

Explore and analyze your data in Google Analytics thanks to the integration with Google Analytics Experiments. Perfect when you already use GA!


In conjunction with the Personalisation Groups package you can use detailed segmentation to deliver your A/B tests to specific audiences.

How to Stop Guessing and Start Testing…Faster

uSplit was designed to remove the majority of hurdles in the road to A/B testing that stop most organisations from running them. Having this powerful tool is awesome. Having someone that has got your back to overcome functional and organizational challenges in running and maintaining large-scale tests is awesomer. We created the Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing in Umbraco to help you develop your split testing plan.