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One Page Impact Reports: A Case Study

Over the last few months we’ve been excited to partner with Intentionality, on a pro bono basis, to build an online tool enabling users to create One Page Impact Reports.


What is a One Page Impact Report?

In the United Kingdom, and other countries, social enterprises should provide impact reports at various times for various reasons. Often, legislation or founders require the organisation to report on the impact, benefits and potential downsides a particular programme or goal has achieved. For others it’s way to analyse their work and to make sure they are making the biggest possible positive impact on the people they set out to help and/or their communities.

Full impact reporting is a complex and time consuming process so Intentionality came up with One Page Impact Reports to provide a high level summary of the organisations work for a specific period.

How Can HappyPorch Help?

Although it’s only one page, creating the report, ensuring the most relevant and appropriate information is included, and making sure it looks good while still fitting on one page can be a bit fiddly and daunting for already busy professionals. It’s often also a new concept so guidance is needed on what elements to include. Intentionality provide various services to charities and social enterprises including advice on One Page Impact Reports. They have created documents and webinars to help support organisations in writing their reports.

We’re working together, using Intentionality’s expertise in the field and’s expertise in technology to create an online tool that guides users through a step by step process of creating a report. The user doesn’t need design or technical skills and at the end of the process they will be left with a well-designed One Page Impact Report, ready for distribution.

We’ve been working with Steve at Intentionality to include the knowledge he has about both the users and the concept to create this online tool. We’ve recently launched the beta version of our tool,

Steve has been invaluable in providing the help text and clearing up the questions we have about the essential elements of a One Page Impact Report.

We’ve been fitting this work in around our other projects and with the Christmas and New Year break progress has been slower than we would like. There’s still a long way to go in terms of the User Interface and some design features we’d like to include, but we, and Steve, are happy that the tool is in a usable condition and we look forward to feedback from users in the field on what changes we need to make to ensure the tool is truly useful.

For more information on our pro bono philosophy, check out our pro bono page and our tips and resources for pursuing pro bono web development partnerships.



Sadly,this project is no longer live.